As I stare at the drooping delphinium resting across from me, I can't help but think of the two week lifespan this flower has experienced alongside my own. Beyond this single bloom, I am surrounded by other silent matters, all simultaneously living their own lives dawn to dusk.

When you are standing on top of a mountain

Or looking down on your city from a park view

The sense of smallness we all feel inside

Looking at this single flower, I feel the same

In Constructing a Meadow, I showcase elements of the natural world at an equal level to humans as a way to reorient anthropocentric ideologies and search for optimism in a rapidly changing environment. I use analog photography to investigate the world we live in and the world that we have made. Through this process, I am able to slow down and meditate on the subject matter at hand, participating in a methodical dance as I hold the power to stop time and create my own reality. With the inclusion of landscape imagery alongside constructed still lives, I visually explore the underlying similarities between humanity and nature itself. Utilizing the manipulation of scale, the photographs presented beg for a shift in perspective as they fully immerse us within their ecosystems.

This work aims to foster empathy for the earth, rather than a place of conquest and an exploitation of resources. Like the drooping delphinium, this installation asks you to consider the lives of the raindrop, the soaked roots of a fallen sycamore, a flood from a great storm, and the clouds that have formed for days.